Retail Terms and Conditions for Recruitment of Staff

The Recruitment Alternative Ltd (TRA)  – Retail Terms and Conditions for Recruitment of Staff 


TRA will endeavor to source suitable candidates for its clients and submit those candidates for interview. TRA’s service fees are for undertaking of all or some of the following: 

  • ascertaining the client’s recruitment needs 
  • writing job ads  
  • posting multiple job advertisements  
  • sourcing candidates that accord as closely as possible with the client’s selection criteria 
  • screening initial applications and resumes 
  • conducting preliminary interviews 
  • pre-selecting the most appropriate candidates 
  • scheduling candidate interview times with client 
  • informing successful and unsuccessful candidates of outcomes 
  • conducting referee checks where possible.  

Note: all fees quoted are exclusive of GST.  

Roles with total remuneration package less than $100,000:
$1,995.00 for positions paying up to and including $100,000 total annual remuneration package (TRP).  TRP includes base salary, super, all allowances including car, bonuses and/or commissions.   

The above fee of $1995.00 is divided into two parts.   

  1. The first part is an upfront fee of $360.00 which is required to be paid before the commencement of the campaign and is irrespective of the outcome of the campaign.  
  1. The remainder ($1635.00) is only paid by the client upon The Recruitment Alternative successfully placing a candidate. A successful placement is deemed to have taken place upon the day a candidate commences work with the client irrespective of whether the candidate is on trial. The client is also liable for this remainder amount if they decide to hire the candidate in a different role to the one originally advertised.   

In the event a candidate placed with the client by TRA leaves of their own accord or whose services are terminated by the client within 60 days, TRA will endeavor to replace the candidate, once only, provided that: 

  • TRA has been informed of the termination or release of the candidate within the guarantee period of 60 days 
  • an advertising and administration fee of $450.00 plus gst is paid 
  • the candidate does not leave or is terminated due to a company restructure,  redundancy and/or a significant change in the job description 
  • the invoice was fully paid within 21 days of date of invoicing, unless both parties agree, in writing, on alternative payment times.   

TRA will do its best to find a suitable replacement candidate, but does not guarantee a successful placement.  No refunds are available should TRA fail to place a suitable replacement candidate.  However, a six months letter of credit will be offered. 

In the event a role has not been successfully completed upon the completion of the fourth week, TRA, in consultation with the client, will decide whether the campaign should be extended for another four weeks. If both parties agree the campaign merits continuation TRA will seek from the client a Campaign Continuation Fee of $360.  Should the client wish not to continue with the campaign TRA will immediately stop any further work. There are no extra charges should the client wish TRA to stop working on their campaign at the end of the fourth week.

TRA may at any future date alter any of the prices listed in this document.  It is the responsibility of the client to check for any future price changes.  Up to date TRA pricing can be found on TRA’s website or by calling TRA. 

Subsequent to speaking with or interviewing a candidate presented to the client by TRA the client may not claim any form of prior contact with the candidate as a reason for not paying TRA’s placement invoice should the client employ the candidate.  “Contact” includes but is not limited to face to face contact, telephone contact, written contact or any form of contact via the internet. 

The introduction of all candidates to the client is made in the strictest confidence.  Reports on candidates are highly confidential and should only be shared (on a confidential basis) with those parties who are directly involved with the recruitment assignment. TRA is not liable for any breaches of candidate confidentiality. 

The service fee will be payable within twenty one days of date of invoice to validate the replacement guarantee. 

Any legal matter arising out of non-payment of any invoice will be dealt with in accordance with NSW Law and will commence and conclude with the jurisdiction of NSW Courts. 

For the removal of any doubt, the client shall have the final say on which candidate/s are to be hired.  

Should a candidate introduced to a client be passed on to a third party with a resulting engagement or placement of that candidate, then the client will be liable for payment of the full fee as set out in these terms and conditions. 

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the suitability of a particular candidate, TRA does not accept liability for any loss, costs or damages, however caused, arising as a result of the placement of a candidate. 

TRA will endeavor to ensure that candidates introduced to the client are appropriate given the assignment brief provided by the client.  However, TRA will not be liable for any untrue statements or misrepresentations made by any candidates during interview or for the accuracy or completeness of information provided by a candidate or a third party such as referees and academic qualifications. 

TRA does not conduct specific skills testing unless requested by the client.  In the event a client requests specific skills testing TRA will administer the tests on behalf of the client only if the relevant tests are readily available. TRA uses third party on-line testing providers for skills testing and does not take responsibility for the test results.  Clients are wholly responsible for satisfying themselves as to the suitability of the candidate for the position offered prior to engaging the candidate.