Christmas Recruitment Tips

Christmas is quickly approaching. We are all starting to wind down and look forward to some rest and relaxation after all the Covid drama. However, before you pack up for the year there are some recruitment tips you should consider. Christmas recruitment is beneficial for many businesses, especially to have your team trained and ready to go in 2022. Here are some Christmas recruitment tips from The Recruitment Alternative.

Start Early

Santa may have a seasonal business, but many small to medium sized business owners in Australia and New Zealand do not. Planning for next year starts now. Know what new hires you need to make before the New Year so that you can decide if they should start now or next year. If recruiting this year is in your plans, it’s better to start early then waiting to late December.

Look Beyond Experience

It is a competitive candidate market out there. There is a lot of demand but not enough supply so don’t limit your search to candidates with similar work histories. Use scenario-based questions to determine whether they can do what’s needed. Candidates could have transferrable skills sets that with a little training could make them the perfect fit for your business. Just because they haven’t done this exact role before, doesn’t mean they won’t be good at it. You can always train those would an excellent work ethic and attitude.

Review Your Culture

Santa’s elves want to work for him because he is jolly and approachable and there is a positive work environment. The elves never fail to deliver the presents on time for Santa to give to all the children. If your company culture has taken a hit, it may be time to consider the following:

  • Building stronger employee relationships
  • Connect your team with a purpose
  • Have frequent employee recognition
  • Be more transparent and open with your team
  • Allow more autonomy or flexible working arrangements for balance
  • Check in with your team one on one

When you’re interviewing candidates for new roles, they will pick up on the company culture and vibe.

Leave Nothing To Chance

Use The Recruitment Alternative to take all of the hassle out of the recruitment process for you. Our expert team of Recruitment Consultants can find the right candidate for your business at an affordable price. Contact us today on 1300 548 546 (AU) or 0800 587 546 (NZ). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Looking For Affordable Recruitment?

The Recruitment Alternative is Australia and New Zealand’s affordable recruitment agency. We recruit across all job categories at a fraction of existing prices. Join the SME recruitment solution and save a bucket load on your next recruitment campaign. We can take over the whole recruitment campaign, leaving you free to get on with the day to day running of your company. So, are you looking for affordable recruitment without compromising on quality?

Our Value Proposition

  • You no longer have to pay high prices to source great candidates
  • We understand that all businesses essentially want two things from a recruitment agency. The first is great candidates and the second is low cost recruitment We provide both.
  • Low cost recruitment to suit your budget. Wesave our clients over 70% of conventional recruitment
  • Our clients consistently rate us over9 out of 10 for our service levels.
  • We’ve won multiple awards for our budget pricing and outstanding service levels.
  • When looking for affordable recruitment you don’t have to compromise on quality

Why Choose Us?

We can save you time, hassle and stress – We take a thorough job brief and discuss our recruitment strategy with you, so you can be at ease throughout the recruitment campaign. You’re in good hands with us!

Our proven methodologies save you money – Hiring the wrong person can cost SME thousands of dollars. Instead, use The Recruitment Alternatives proven methodologies and you’ll recruit the right person each time.

Partnership approach – We’d like to be a long-term partner in your business growth, we understand the importance of effective recruitment. Our consultants work very hard to understand your company culture to ensure we find the best possible candidate for your organisation.

We offer flexible service – You can choose the service level that’s right for your business. Whether you want The Recruitment Alternative to take over your complete end to end recruitment or just a selection of placements. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that you’re receiving the best service and advice. You campaign manager will be there every step of the way.

What Industries Do We Recruit For?

As a generalist recruitment agency, we recruit across all job categories from junior roles all the way up to senior executive levels. Here are just some of the type of roles we recruit for:

  • IT
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Call Centre and Customer Services
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Sales
  • Legal
  • Health and Fitness
  • Trades and Services
  • Science and Technology
  • And more!

Our Client Feedback

You can tell a lot about any company by what their clients say about them. We have over 220+ positive customer reviews on our website. We also have an 80% client return rate due to our high standard of customer service and low cost flat free rates.

“Thank you very much TRA and look forward to working with you again and we already are. We will be coming to TRA whenever we have recruitment needs. I hope we can keep working with our consultant as well, she is a credit to TRA and a good asset to your business. 100 out of 10!!”

Fiona – Promo Brands P/L

Those who have used our services for the first time always report a positive experience, as seen below:

“The campaign went very well and we appreciate the help of our consultant in finding the right candidate. I’ve never used a recruitment company for recruiting before – I’ve always done the hack work myself, but this certainly saved us a lot of time and made the hiring of our candidate possible during one of the busiest times we’ve known in the business.”

Steve – Apex Display

To read more, head to our ‘testimonials’ page to find out more about what our clients say about us. You won’t be disappointed!

Looking For Affordable Recruitment – What Are Our Prices?

We have a 3-tiered low cost pricing approach, dependent on the salary of the candidate being recruited, CLICK HERE to view our pricing.

Another great thing about The Recruitment Alternative is that we operate Australia wide which includes Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth etc.  We can offer you affordable recruitment solutions at a low-cost price point that makes sense. If you would like to find out more about our services, contact us today on 1300 548 546.


Staff Retention: Important Tips From Australia’s Affordable Employment Agency

Employee engagement and retention should be a priority for all employers. With an ever-changing job market, staff retention has never been more important. Don’t lose your best talent to competitors. Here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative on how to retain your staff.


You need to make sure your employees know exactly what you expect from them. With a clear job description and training at the start of employment, will create a positive foundation for retention. Of course, every role needs to allow for flexibility to a degree. However, if your staff don’t have clear direction and line of communication chances are mistakes will be made.

Employee Recognition

A great retention strategy is to acknowledge staff achievements. When employees feel valued by their employer it fosters motivation and a positive workplace environment. Be sure to only implement a fair strategy that includes all staff members. When staff feel happy they are less likely to look for somewhere else to be.

Transparency How To Retain Good Staff

Feedback is very important to both employees and employers. Creating an open and honest workplace environment can allow new ideas or suggestions to be presented. When the time comes that they may need some feedback chances are they will be more receptive.

Development Opportunities

Progression within a company is highly sought after by candidates. Discussing professional goals can help you understand where they would like to grow. If there is an opportunity to allow for professional development why not do it? By the completion of a course, webinar, attending a conference, training, etc. It will not only benefit your employee but the company as well.

For effective hiring to support the above methods, The Recruitment Alternative can help you. We recruit across Australia for roles at all levels. Accounting, Digital Marketing, Administration, Engineering and IT – just to name a few! As a generalist employment agency, we offer affordable recruitment solutions at a low-cost price point that makes sense. If you would like to find out more about our services contact us today on 1300 548 546.

Sydney’s Affordable Recruitment Solution

The RecruitmentAlternative is Sydney’s affordable recruitment agency. We recruit across all job categories at a fraction of existing prices. But why chose The Recruitment Alternative in Sydney? Here are just some reasons why you will enjoy working with us on your next recruitment campaign:

Outstanding Customer Service

Here at The Recruitment Alternative, we pride ourselves on our customer service. In fact, we conduct frequent quality control checks to ensure our levels are top notch! Our clients score us on average a 9 out of 10. Here is what Joe from Entegra had to say about our services:

“We were blown away at how good our consultant was. The best experience we have ever had with a recruitment company. We have more needs coming up and will be wanting to use you every time.”

Proven Methodologies

Recruiting staff can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful. It’s not uncommon for business owners to spend hours of manpower recruiting for one role. It is far more cost-effective to get us to do the groundwork for you. And you’ll save yourself a load of stress too! Hiring the wrong person can cost thousands of dollars and waste time. Let’s work together to help you save and we’ll recruit the right person for you.

Our partnership approach allows us to get to know the culture of your organisation. We will work closely with you to build a relationship of integrity, trust, and commitment. We offer flexible service levels that you can choose from to suit your business. Whatever you choose, you can be assured you are receiving the best service and best advice.

Affordable Solution

Many agencies will tell you what you want to hear and charge you through the nose. The Recruitment Alternative of Sydney is different! We offer affordable, honest recruitment solutions tailored to your needs. You no longer have to pay high recruitment fees to find a great candidate! We consistently source great candidates for its clients at budget prices.

Check out our low-cost recruitment fees:

  • AU$2495 plus GST for roles with remuneration under AU$100K
  • AU$2950 plus GST for roles between AU$100K and AU$150K (AU$150k inclusive)
  • AU$3850 plus GST for roles over AU$150k

Another great thing about The Recruitment Alternative is that we operate Australia andNew Zealand wide. We service Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, etc. We can offer you affordable recruitment solutions at a low-cost price point that makes sense. If you would like to find out more about our services contact us today on 1300 548 546.

Why You Should Hire Mature Aged Workers

A 2015 Intergenerational Government Report projects that the number of Australians aged 65 and over will more than double by 2055, when there will be around 40,000 people aged 100 and over. For anyone running a business, this presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Everybody wants to feel they can make a contribution of value, be involved, and earn respect, even older workers. Consider the opportunities that await them and your organisation when you give them that chance. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring mature aged works by The Recruitment Alternative.

Benefits of Mature Aged Candidates

  • They are a steady and reliable source of skilled labor
  • Mature aged candidates may offer decades of relevant experience you require for the role opposed to younger candidates
  • Your younger employees may be offered valuable mentoring
  • They are not aggressively seeking to advance their career; they may be perfectly comfortable in the role they land for years longer than younger staff. You probably won’t have to worry about them playing political games that can spoil any office environment
  • Mature aged candidate tend not to be job-hoppers – and turnover can be very expensive for any company
  • They’re likely to be surprisingly technological savvy. Boomers are comfortable using computers. Where there are skill gaps, they can and are eager to learn
  • An older candidates will be appreciative for an offer of employment – they know they’re fortunate to be working at their age. Consider that loyalty is a very valuable and rare commodity today
  • An age-diverse workforce makes sense since older employees represent a large segment of the buying public. They may know that market better than the rest of your team.

Change Your Focus

It’s popular at the moment to focus on recruiting young, fresh talent who can add a new dimension to the workforce. Especially with the growing technology demands. However, by doing so, businesses are neglecting a wealth of professional knowledge that can only come from workers who have accrued years of expert experience. Whilst the millennial generation may hold the advantage of technological knowledge, older workers bring forth a predisposed set of skills that cannot be taught or replaced.

Age discrimination means lost opportunities

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s 2015 National Prevalence Survey of Age Discrimination in the Workplace, found that one of the biggest barriers to Australians enjoying longer and more productive working lives is age discrimination. This discrimination is widespread and affects all kinds of Australians, everywhere. As outlined above, there are many benefits to employing mature aged candidates. Don’t miss out on a potentially suitable candidate because of a stigma. Be sure to consider all the options and think outside of the square. 

Our experienced staff will take a detailed job brief to ensure we find the right fit for your organisation. We recruit across Australia for roles at all levels. Accounting, Digital Marketing, Administration, Engineering and IT – just to name a few! As a generalist recruitment agency, we offer affordable recruitment solutions at a low-cost price point that makes sense. If you would like to find out more about our services contact us today on 1300 548 546. 

Questions To Ask During Interview

Interviews are very much a two-way street. Your potential employer is asking you questions to learn about you, your skills and experience. It is equally important to find out if the role is a good fit for you too. Preparing questions to ask your potential employer about the position and the company, will not only provide insight but help you to stand out from the crowd by engaging with the employer and displaying interest.

Your opportunity to ask questions typically comes at the end of the interview. It would be best to have at least two or three questions prepared that demonstrate your interest in the position, your drive to succeed in the role, and the fact that you’ve done some research on the company or industry etc. Try to avoid closed questions which result in ‘yes or no’ answers. Open-ended questions allow you the opportunity to find out more about the employer, engage and build a rapport in a short space of time.

Here are The Recruitment Alternative’s top five suggested questions to ask during an interview:

1 – Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?

2 – What do you think are the most important qualities for someone to excel in this role?

3 – What is the typical career path for someone in this role?

4 – Could you describe the company culture and dynamics?

5 – What are the next steps in the interview process?

For further tips and advice heard over to The Recruitment Alternative’s job seeker help center by clicking here. While you’re there check out the position we have listed on our jobs board. We are currently recruiting across Australia and New Zealand. Roles at all levels in Accounting, Digital Marketing, Administration, Sales and IT – just to name a few! As a generalist recruitment agency, we offer affordable recruitment solutions at a low-cost price point that makes sense. If you would like to find out more about our services, contact us today on 1300 548 546.

Melbourne: 4 Signs You Need A Bookkeeper

As a small business owner, you may start off by doing everything yourself. However, as the business grows and develops you may find yourself spread thin. There are some tasks that you may need assistance completing. Evaluating what area is lacking is vital in determining where to seek help. An area of business that is often overlooked is the bookkeeping/accounts.

Here are 4 signs you may need a Bookkeeper, tips from The Recruitment Alternative Melbourne’s affordable low-cost recruitment agency.

Your Books Are Not Up To Date

This probably seems like an obvious sign but when you get in the mindset of “I’ll get to it” or “I’ll do the bare minimum and fix it all next time” you are clearly falling behind. If you leave everything till “later” or tax time, you find yourself in a world of stress and likely run into financial issues. Including a decrease in cashflow or budgeting errors. This can be prevented by hiring a Bookkeeper to stay on top of the workflow.

Unsure Of Regulations Or Financial ObligationsBookkeeper Melbourne

Another sign you may need a Bookkeeper is if you find yourself feeling a little lost or confused regarding compliance or legislation. When it comes to your business ensuring you meet all government regulations and obligations is very important. With tax compliance becoming more complicated, this area is best left to a qualified professional.

You’re Spending Too Much Time On Bookkeeping Duties

If you are increasingly being taken away from running your business because you’re spending a large portion of your time managing financial records a Bookkeeper can help you. They can take care of processing invoices, chasing debtors, producing reports, reconciliations, payroll etc. You will take a sigh of relief when you finally delegate responsibility.

Accountant Performing Bookkeeping Duties

Chances are you are paying your account more many than you need to. As accountants typically don’t update financial records, prepare BAS or other such compliance tasks. By hiring an experienced bookkeeper, they will be able to perform all these tasks at a lower price point.

So now that you have identified that you need a Bookkeeper what’s the next step? Don’t complicate yourAdministration Melbourne life further by adding another task to your busy schedule. Leave it to the professionals and contact The Recruitment Alternative. We offer low-cost flat fee recruitment solutions to all sized businesses, without compromising on quality.

Our experienced staff will take a detailed job brief to ensure we find the right fit for your organisation. Take the first step towards reducing your workload and finding a quality Bookkeeper by contacting us on 1300 548 546.

Cultural Fit

Smart business owners know the best investment any company can make is hiring the right people. A very common question asked by candidates to recruitment consultants, when shortlisting for interview is “What is the organisation culture like?”. Cultural fit is important to both candidates and employers, so what’s the best way business can convey their culture?

What Is A Cultural Fit?

A cultural fit essentially means that an employee’s beliefs and behaviours are in alignment with their employer’s core values and company culture. During the recruitment process, it’s important that organizations determine what the company’s values really are and what characteristics or traits a candidate would need to have to fit in comfortably. If you don’t know what you want or what you’re looking for in a perspective candidate, chances are you won’t be able to find it.

Ask The Right Questions

When interviewing candidates, the below questions can help reveal more about them to help determine a cultural fit:

  • Describe your preferred work environment?
  • What management style do you best respond to?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Can you provide an example of when you went the extra mile or took initiative?

Other things to consider when reviewing a cultural fit are, how did the candidate treat the receptionist upon arrival, did they follow up post interview, how did they respond overall during the interview, etc.

Go To The Experts

Hiring with a cultural fit in mind, doesn’t mean hiring people who are all the same. The cultural values and behaviours that drive an organization can be reflected in a varied workplace. Defined values can bring people with diverse skillsets and backgrounds together.

Here at The Recruitment Alternative we know our client’s businesses, values, industry and challenges. When we recruit for you, we are screen and select candidates that will thrive in your business. Here is what one of our clients said about our service:

“I used a competitor service before and concurrent with the first campaign. Was chalk and cheese. Your service was some of the best I have received ever, in any industry. Will only be using The Recruitment Alternative for my recruitment needs moving forward. And will be recommending your service to anyone who has this requirement.” Clint – Safety Mate

The Recruitment Alternative exists to provide low cost recruitment excellence. We fly in the face of the perception that great service costs a lot of money. TRA delight in how happy our clients are when they hire a great new staff member and make such great savings. We provide services across Australia and New Zealand and as a generalist recruitment agency, we offer affordable recruitment solutions at a low-cost price point that makes sense. If you would like to find out more about our services contact us today on 1300 548 546.

Adelaide’s Budget Recruitment Agency

Adelaide’s Budget recruitment agency, The Recruitment Alternative, recruits everything from Senior BDM to Accounts and Marketing positions.

Currently, in Adelaide, the key to finding the right employee for your business can be following a few important steps. Adelaide’s Budget recruitment

Creating a correct Job Brief

– Recruitment for the role needs to be thought out and specific. So think about what you need the person to do. Make sure your job brief gives a true and correct example of what the role will entail.  Always share this whole job brief with your recruiter so we get the job done right the first time. “Time is money” and a placement carried out correctly the first time will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Pre-Screening Applicants

– Also be wary of agencies that just pass on CV’s without conducting interviews. Your Recruitment Specialists should know your company, the vacancy, and the candidate. A Professional Recruitment Agency will only pass on the best candidates for you to interview.

Interview & Selection

– So always act quickly if you get the right candidate in front of you. The recruitment market is competitive. Great candidates don’t stay looking for long. If you get the best candidate through in the first interviews don’t wait. They may not be available a few weeks later when you’re ready to select the successful applicant.

Engage a Recruitment Agency you can trust

– Recruitment is a skill. Having a great Recruitment specialist that can identify a good match is key to retention. Therefore it’s good to understand that effective recruitment has a domino effect in the workplace. Employees see that you make wise decisions. As a result, this positive attitude will affect the quality of your products or services, and ultimately, your customers’ perceptions of your company.

The Recruitment Alternative is Australia’s Low-cost recruitment provider.

Currently recruiting across Adelaide various roles from Admin / Sales Support, BDM, Real Estate roles and Factory staff.

Contact us on our Freephone line number: 1300 554 893 to book a no obligation, free consultation for your companies’ recruitment needs.